5 London Luxury Wedding Venues that are Off the Beaten Track

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Looking for a luxury wedding venue in London? Consider the unexpected – the historical – and the drop-dead gorgeous venues that might be a bit off the beaten path. London is an amazingly picturesque – and expensive city – so if you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck – check out these 5 unique venues for a luxurious, rich and memorable experience.

1. The Royal Greenwich Observatory

Completed in 1676, The Royal Greenwich Observatory showcases the elegant interiors of an earlier time. The Octagon Room in the Flamsteed House, showcases the last surviving interior design by Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of St Paul’s, and there is nothing else like it that can be seen anywhere else today.

Royal Greenwich Observatory

The venue offers a multitude of opportunities for stunning wedding photos with its high ceilings and panoramic views of London. Dream big with this venue. You can even reach for the stars here, as the observatory is also available for bespoke events.

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Our favorite thing about this venue: The one of a kind atmosphere in this venue, situated as it is in a beautiful park with amazing views of the city. Very dramatic, especially for evening events.

2. The Chapter Hall of the Order of St John

Turning the clock back farther now, the Chapter Hall of the Order of St John offers an opportunity for a stunningly beautiful wedding. Founded as the Grand Priory of the Knight’s Hospitaller, the building has historical associations with Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Samual Johnson and Charles Dickens.

elegant dining area

Warm wood panelling and an amazing vaulted ceiling will serve as a breathtaking backdrop to your elegant affair. Take your pick from the venue’s numerous available spaces, from warm wood accented antechambers to dramatic stone vaults. Whatever your choice you can be sure that you will be married in the height of luxury.

The Chapter Hall of the Order of St John

Our favorite thing about this venue: This venue drips with the romance of an earlier time. The dark wooden paneling with it’s heraldic accents will complement any wedding decor with its bold contrasts.

3. The Queen’s House

The Queen’s House offers striking historic charm combined with an undeniable elegance. Built on the remains of the palace where both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were born, this Greenwich-based venue is considered Britain’s finest classical building.

The Queen’s House

Designed as a pleasure palace for King James I’s queen, this venue is just the right place for a luxury wedding. Even more amazingly, the crisp geometric interiors offer a striking backdrop for almost every sort of wedding theme, whether traditional, modern or romantic.

monochromatic styling

Our favorite thing about this venue: The monochromatic styling are highly dramatic and great for photos. This venue is a majestic canvas just waiting for your imagination to go to work.

4. The Wohl Room at The National Gallery

A stunningly luxurious venue for a wedding, The Wohl Room can be found in one of London’s most illustrious museums. This striking venue was designed in 1838 but the color palette and accents still blend well with contemporary trends.

The Wohl Room at The National Gallery

The green damask silk walls shine in counterpoint to the breathtaking glass ceiling. This venue has a true chic that speaks of culture and history – and is a truly gorgeous place for a traditional wedding.

National Gallery London

Our favorite thing about this venue: Even the name of the venue speaks of history and grandeur. This is a venue that brings its own majestic atmosphere – with masterpieces and other historic treasures that will only add to the sense of occasion.

5. The Livery Hall at Vintner’s Hall

Home to one of the oldest trade organisations in Britain, Vinter’s Hall has interiors that date back to 1688. The striking contrast between the warmly colored wooden panelling and the neutral colored walls and crystal chandeliers will set off any wedding party to perfection.

The Livery Hall at Vintner’s Hall

The Livery Hall at Vintner’s Hall

Our favorite thing about this venue: There is something very special about this luxurious venue, with its warm colors – especially the striking contrast between the handcrafted wood, the gold accents and crystal chandeliers.

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Greenwich Observatory

Chapter Hall of St John

Queen’s Hall

National Gallery

Vintner’s Hall