5 Lessons I’ve Learnt from my Internship in Singapore


How many internship Singapore jobs are available out there? To understand why you need an internship, first of all you need to know what an internship is. An internship is a pre-professional experience that provides real word experience for undergraduates or students to gain relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. The duration of a Singapore Internship is usually between one week and 12 months.

An internship to me is actually quite an interesting start-up “work” experience before getting myself into an official career. Hence, I have done a few internships so far and today I will be sharing my life lessons which I have learnt from my various internships.

5 Lesson I have learnt from my Internships in Singapore:

Treat Everyone with Respect
You are the “interns” in the company which so-called the juniors and you are working with a bunch of seniors. No matter to whom you are talking to, be respectful. Because you will never know that one day you might need their help, so be nice to everyone.

Time Management Skills
In term of going to work, meeting clients or project submissions – Don’t be late! Punctuality is the key! People will respect someone who can keep track of time and progress. Eventually, this skill will also help to improve both your social life and career path too.

Do not be afraid to make Mistakes
No one is perfect and we are all humans who make mistakes in our life. Do not hide away or blame someone else as the “scapegoat” when mistakes occur. Chances will always be given to someone who dares to admin their mistakes. Bad days are temporary ~! So be confident and be true to yourself!

Strong Relationship Building
It is always the top priority to build good relationships with your colleagues, supervisors and managers. A strong relationship determines how well you know your colleagues or bosses. And being able to read their mind may get your job easier when it comes to problem solving.

New Skills for Resume
Some skills cannot be taught in school; hence this is the main reason why we intern in a particular company to learn as many skills as possible to add to our resume. With these skill sets, chances of getting the job you want will be much higher. Thus, to gain new skills is easy! Just note that, don’t wait for the jobs to come to you, ask for projects to work on.