4Minute and Beast Mini Concert in Singapore


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! Woohooo… Singapore is currently having Youth Olympic Game (YOG) fever now and I am totally into YOG mood too… haha… Before i bring you guys into YOG 2010 bus ride and YOG opening ceremony, For today blog post, i will be sharing the 4Minute and Beast mini Concert which happened at Marina Bay Promenade last night.

Yes! If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that i tweet about i was at Marina Bay Promenade last night with Clarence and we were there to watch 4Minute and Beast mini concert organized by Samsung live stage. *Check out the Picture and Video below*

Well, the only thing i can say that, last night was the great experience to see and listen 4minute & Beast (B2st) live performance! It make the whole crowded damn high at Marina Bay. Concert started with 4Minute singing HOT ISSUE, Muzik, What A Girl Wants and Huh. *Totally Awesome!* haha *Scream and sing along*

Next, followed by Beast Perform on stage. Yup! Another impressive dance performance by kpop Beast and ‘Bad Girl’ & ‘Shock’ was my favourite song in Beast album! ^^ Damn high and happy as my tweet said! hahaha…

Fun and exciting night i have! More blog post about Singapore Youth Olympic Game coming up! YOG Bus ride was amazing ever! haha… Stay Tune!

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  1. HAHAHA I love them both so much!!! I shout their name and all HAHAHH…I'm @ VIP Area and at the front row…wow I'm nearer to them.. HEHE they also wave at me..oh oho oh wink…heart shape too…ahhah luck girl…Want to watch Video or photos that i took, look at my Facebook, here the Link: http://www.facebook.com/luvallinmyheartskorea

  2. Anonymous: Hahaha… Yeah love them too! So good, can stand so front row…haha, lucky ar you! Watched your video on ur facebook too, nice one! ^^ Hope they come Singapore again for bigger concert! =D