4 Steps to share your favourite Netflix title on Instagram Stories

Netflix app instagram stories

Netflix on Instagram stories

Sharing is Caring! For Android users, you can now share your favourite Netflix title on Instagram Stories. This is a direct way to tell your friends and followers there is something new to watch. It can be a show or a movie too!

To make your IG stories more interactive, you can pop in a quiz for your friends to guess your favourite character from a show. Or even, a GIF to reflect your mood after a movie.

4 steps to share your favourite Netflix on Instagram Stories:

  1. You need to install/update the latest version of the Netflix app
  2. Navigate to any title on the Netflix app and hit the ‘Share’ button
  3. Select “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps and be taken directly to Instagram Stories where you can have fun with the title’s background art and text sticker
  4. When ready, post directly to your Stories.

That’s it! Is easy! Your shared story will be visible for the next 24 hours. It also provides a “Watch on Netflix” link back to the title page within the Netflix app.

This is part of Netflix’s ongoing efforts to make the mobile app more engaging for all its fans, connect with others over shows they love, and start conversations around it.