4 Steps to Getting Thick and Voluminous Hair for Thinning Manes

Hair Thinning

We see the images of women with thick, luscious locks of hair. We wonder, what are they doing that we’re not? The truth is, hair loss is the second biggest concern for Singaporeans, after weight. Unfortunately, hair thinning and hair loss are more noticeable in straight, fine-haired women. Luckily there are a few key ways you can create the illusion of thicker hair. In addition to maintaining a healthy scalp, follow these 4 steps to voluminous hair.

Essential Nutrients

Get All the Essential Nutrients

Hair is mainly comprised of protein, melanin, and water. If you don’t get the important nutrients to support these components, it will fall limp and look flat. Happy, healthy hair is full and thick. Start by incorporating more protein sources into your diet, like meats and beans. Then, ensure you drink enough water each day. Hydration is key to voluminous hair. A balanced, complete diet benefits every part of your body, especially your hair health.

Use the Right Shampoo

When you go to the store to pick out a new shampoo, what do you see? Likely rows upon rows of shampoos that claim to be your holy grail product. Instead of picking the prettiest bottle, look for key ingredients that will lift your hair at the roots. For example, keep an eye out for shampoos that contain keratin, biotin, and amino acids. You consume the important nutrients in your diet to work on the inside out. You must also apply them to the individual hair shafts through your shampoo to work outside in.

women with curly hair

Use a Diffuser

After showering you likely use a blow dryer. Maybe you’ve heard all the tricks before: blow dry your hair upside down, only use cold air, etc. But, there’s one magic tool missing from your hair styling routine. A diffuser makes a world of difference, not just for women with curly hair. Straight manes that are blow dried with a diffuser appear significantly thicker and fuller after. For a bonus volume booster, change up your part and then blow dry. Since it’s very common for Singaporean women to experience hair thinning at their part, switching to the other side gives the illusion of luscious, full hair.

hair thinning

Limit Your Product Use

Once your hair is dry, it’s crucial you don’t weigh it down with too many styling products. Fine, straight hair is especially vulnerable to losing volume due to excess product. Not to mention how easy it is to look greasy from overstyling. The best trick for volume on fine manes is to choose one product you absolutely need, and then stop. For some that could be hair spray, for others it’s a smoothing oil.

It’s normal for women to experience hair thinning as we age. Unfortunately, it seems more obvious on women with straight, fine hair already. Creating the illusion of volume can hide the fact that your hair’s thinning and appear thicker. Use the 4 steps above to ensure your hair is healthy and luminous. Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean you can’t have volume.


  1. Great post! I truly feel that all of these all tips are so amazing and helping in hair thinning. I admire such posts that make people aware what is healthy hair care. Great blog that I have ever come across!