2-MINS of Soy Goodness


Hi Readers! Are you guys feeling stress recently? Pressuring by office and school work? If Yes, here something new for you! Today will be introducing one very cool and distressing game created by SoyJoy and is officially launch now on Facebook app and Iphone application.

You guys might be asking what is SoyJoy? Well, SoyJoy is an all natural nutrient-rich bar baked with whole soy and real fruit.

To help people getting off from their stress period, SoyJoy had come out a 2 minutes campaign called as “2 Min of Soy Goodness”, meaning that within these 2 minutes of game, it helps you to release your anger and stress by playing the touching and typing of fingering game.

Likewise, with the touching of fingering game, it is currently only available at Apple store, it’s a free app and everyone are encourage to download the apps and play with it during your free time. Basically, the aim of this game is to help Oba slim down by feeding him as much soy as you can in 2 minutes.

Alternative, the second type of 2-Mins game will be the facebook application. Just simply type “SoyJoy” on your facebook search bar and LIKE the page, beside the navigation choose “2-MINS Campaign” and it will redirect you to the game itself. The objective of this game is that, you have 2 minutes to help Oba collect soy and slim down by forming as many words as you can from the words you’re given.

Doesn’t it sound exciting and interesting? Yup! The main purpose of this campaign is to “TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT WITH 2-MINS OF SOY GOODNESS” and get a Joy in your life! As in that everyone deserves a little bit of goodness amidst their hectic, stressful schedules.

2 Min of Soy Goodness:
Just 2 min to being with.
Just 2 min to enjoy every single bite of SOYJOY.
Just 2 min to experience some real soy goodness.
Just 2 min of Soy Goodness to begin getting joy back into their lives.

Addition Information:
2-Mins of Soy Goodness games are now available on both the iPhone, as well as Facebook!
iPhone: http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/soyjoy-2-mins-of-soy-goodness/id463240587?mt=8 or simply search for “2-Mins of Soy Goodness” in the app store
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soyjoysg?sk=app_179665282108393

Hence, people who played this game, you will get a chance to win a trip to Paris which worth $5,000 each and the monthly top scorer will win $800 Ion shopping vouchers. The prize duration started from now till 18 December 2011!