11 things you need to know before stepping into the ONE PIECE Restaurant in Taipei


Hello readers! Yes I am back from Taiwan!!! It was a memorable 5D4N trip ever to catch up with my good friends in Taipei. Part of my trip itinerary, my friend, Samuel and I visited the recent newly open One Piece Restaurant located in the heart of Dua Hua Street in Taipei.

It was an interesting themed restaurant for all One Piece fans to dine-in. Hence today, I am going to share with you guys the 11 things you need to know before stepping into the ONE PIECE Restaurant in Taipei.

1. You can book your appointment via their Facebook Page
You may try luck by walking in without booking but to avoid disappointment, it is always good to check the seat availability and book your time slot before visiting the One Piece Restaurant in Taipei. Hence, you can book your appointment directly from their official Facebook Page.

2. Photo opportunity with the One Piece Characters
You will feel a warm welcome by the One Piece characters at the main entrance. Likewise, this is also a great photo opportunity with your favourite One Piece characters.

3. Pirate ship Interior
The One Piece restaurant has an elegant pirate ship interior. Do note that, it is a restaurant, not a café!!!

4. Need at least minimum spending of NT250 (S$12) for per person
Yes! There is a minimum cap for each person to spend in One Piece restaurant in Taipei.

5. The One Piece Restaurant menu comes in 2 languages
The One Piece Restaurant food and drink menu comes in 2 languages (English and Chinese).

6. FREE 3D print on your coffee
Thinking of whether to order hot or cold coffee? Not to worry, you will still receive the 3D print (One Piece) design on your coffee. Yup! Is FREE!

7. Candy waffle is a must eat dessert
If you are visiting at their “high-tea” timing, one of my recommended dessert to you will be the Orange & cotton candy waffle.

Photo credit: 台灣航海王餐廳 ONE PIECE Restaurant Fb Page

8. Cups and dishes comes with One Piece design
The restaurant cups and dishes come with One Piece design. Well, too bad that you have to return after your dining-in.

9. Inclusive of 10% service charge
There will be an additional of 10% service charge in your total meal.

10. Limited Edition of One Piece Merchandise
For One Piece fans’ collector, don’t miss out this golden opportunity to purchase the limited edition of One Piece merchandise that can only be found in Taipei.

11. Purchase of One Piece products does not include 10% tax
Do note that the payment of your total meal and merchandise will be pay separately as the One Piece merchandise product does not include 10% service tax.

ONE PIECE Restaurant (台灣航海王餐廳) Location Address:
敦化南路一段169巷8號2樓, 106 Taipei, Taiwan

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm
Price range: NT250-NT800
Tel: 02 2752 0559