10 Tips to Take Great Selfie Picture for Your Blog


Woohoo! It’s time to camwhore a self-picture! Oops wait… Is SELFIE!!! Say *Cheese* to your camera. You like Selfie; I like Selfie; everyone likes Selfie…. Especially Blogger LOVE SELFIE!!! Well, it’s just an another word for ‘Camwhore’ ~

Selfie has become a popular trend nowadays in our daily life. Regardless taking selfie using a smartphone or digital camera, everything will be look as long as you look confident in the picture. Hence, below here are the 10 tips to guide you in taking a great selfie photo for your blog!

10 Tips to Take Great Selfie Picture for Your Blog:

  1. Be confident looking and know your best angle right.
  2. Selfie does not follow camera rule of third.
  3. Take several shot in different angle and select the best.
  4. Don’t lean back from the camera, so that to avoid taking double chin.
  5. Take picture in slightly 35 to 45 degree rather than a standard portrait and landscape shot.
  6. Focus on your face than other object.
  7. If you are using smartphone; try to use back-camera than front-camera for SELFIE.
  8. Don’t hold your camera too close to you.
  9. Add filter to your SELFIE photo.
  10. If the environment is too dark, try to use external light rather than camera flash. This to prevent over-exposed of your face.

Well, hope the tips above give you a little idea on how you showcase your selfie photo on your blog. Do remember to keep it casual and lively as you are sending your beloved faces to the digital world. Smile to the camera and starting SELFIE now! *Cheese*