10 Tips to Create Excellent Video for Video Blogger


Hi Bloggers! A videoing way of blogging of showcases you also known as Vlog. Here are some basic vlog tips for you to create a great video for your online audiences. 10 Tips to Create Excellent Video for Vlog [Video Blog]

  1. You need a camera support HD 720p/1080p.
  2. Trim, Edit and Cut the unwanted scene in your video.
  3. Video Timing should be less than 15 minutes.
  4. Video should have content related background music.
  5. Video title is important as it can pull powerful traffic.
  6. Widescreen HD Video for post-production is recommended.
  7. Your video must have story flow – Introduction, Body Content, Ending.
  8. You should have your own video style to attract audience views.
  9. Make sure your video is not distorted and pixilated.
  10. Include your URL in your video.