10 FREE Things to do on Mother’s Day 2015


The worldwide Mother’s Day celebration also known as Mothering Sunday is held on second Sunday of MAY. Hence, Mother’s Day in 2015 is on the 10th of May, Sunday. This is a special day for the mothers and motherhood in this world. Likewise, children will use this opportunity to show their filial love toward their mum with a good treat.

No need to crack head thinking of what to do! We know that living in Singapore is very costly but well, here are the 10 FREE and FUN things you can do on Mother’s Day in Singapore! Always remember, simple things make a great different.

1. Give a Big Hugs
This is the most loving and heart-warming free thing to do in this world! A hug can change everything! Remember to give your mum a BIG Hug on Mother’s Day!

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2. Make and Deliver Breakfast in Bed
By preparing a delights Breakfast in the Morning is a good start of Mother’s Day. I believe this will surprise her instantly.

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3.Show your Origami Skills
I agree that not all of us have this talent. But if you have, this will be an advantage for you! This is your chance to show off your origami creation to your mum.

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4. Make a Memory Scrapbook
This idea might sound like stealing from Boy-Girl relationship, but this is a lovely and memorable concept to implement on Mother’s Day. Yup! Gather those supplies you already have such as empty photo album, colourful papers, stickers, photos and decorating material, put them together and create a memory-family scrapbook for your mum.

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5. Family Picnic at the park
One of the most chilling family activities to spend on Mother’s Day afternoon! Plan a family picnic at the nearby park and enjoy the nature surrounding while having a good light meal with your beloved mother.

Photo Credit: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/996435/best-family-parks-in-connecticut

6. Visit Free Local Attractions
We often forget to be like tourists in our own country. There are some free museum exhibition and nature park reserves. Take the day off and bring your mum along to visit some you haven’t seen before.

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7. Movies Screening at Home
Most of mums would love to spend precious time doing things together with their kids and Dad. To slow down the relaxing night, take this opportunity to dim down the ambiance and screen a movie at home. As Mother’s Day, mum will get to pick the movies whereby dad and kids will provide yummy snack throughout the screening.

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8. Wash Her Car
Being a filial son or daughter is a must in life. If your mum owes a car, this is an opportunity to show your filial respect and kindness heart by washing her car.

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9. Do her favourite sport activity with her
Yup! One of a healthy way to show your love! You may spend some times with your mum to do her favourite sport activity.

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10, Call or Text Her say ‘I LOVE YOU’
By saying ‘I Love You’ to your mum on Mother’s Day is the sweetest thing ever!

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