10 Blogging Tips to Maintain Your Blog Healthy


If you are a blogger, you shouldnโ€™t give up blogging, because you will never know whatโ€™s going to happen next. Some people have been asking me how I maintain my happening blog out of my busy schedule. Blogging for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years, what is your next plan? Will you be continuing blogging? My answer is definitely a YES! Even though if one day I become superstar or international star, my answer will still be YES!

Well, after blogging for so many years in my life, today I have decided to share my experience on how to maintain a blog well without hardcore blogging every day. The tips below here might not apply to all blogger but at least you try.

10 tips to maintain your blog healthy:

  1. Blog about what you love in your personal post.
  2. More photography content.
  3. Schedule your blog post weekly.
  4. Have a good relationship with other bloggers.
  5. Have a unique and personalize blog layout.
  6. Create interesting blog content.
  7. Always look out for trending keywords.
  8. Get Featured on Traditional Media.
  9. SEO your blog site.
  10. Use social media tool such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumbleupon to promote your blog.

Do note that my tips is not telling you how to gain high blog hits but guiding you on how to maintain blog during your busy schedule period. However, just keep constantly blogging and one day you will see the result.

Never give up on your dreams before they become a reality.