10 Amazing Things to do on Easter Day Celebration


Easter day fall on Sunday. It also called as the holy week as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. In this day, parent and children will gather for blessing and celebrating the festival with hunting beautiful Easter egg, seeing the Easter bunny performance as well as enjoying a delight Easter meal.

So what to do on this Easter weekend? Well, rather than spending much money, here are the 10 amazing and save cost activities that parent can spend memorable moment with their kids during this long Easter weekend.

1. Hunting Easter Eggs
Easter eggs hunting, one of the common activities happening on this day itself. Kids from different group of family will gather and have an Easter eggs hunting competition. It is a challenge game for kids and parent as they will have to find those pretty eggs hiding around the area.

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2. Picnic in the Park
Have a relaxing Easter weekend, Picnic with family in the park or along the seaside to enjoy the most beautiful scenery around you. For parent, this is also a good opportunity to treasure your precious time with your kids by playing some outdoor activities games as well as taking family photo with the nature landscape.
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3. Cycling
Into the exploring of nature surrounding us; Cycling with kids is also part of good family bonding. Kids may discover living things around us and is definitely a healthy lifestyle to spend on Easter Day.
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4. Decorating Easter Eggs
Fun adding colour or topping on an egg. This is the chance for kids to exert their creativity talent in decorating the Easter Eggs.
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5. Build Sand Castle
Spend your family time at the beach and build some sand castle with your kids. This will give kids a memorable childhood as part of their growing life. You will never know their building sand castle talent might transcend you.
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6. Admire the Sunset
Watching a beautiful sunset in the evening is the most calm moment to spend your Easter Day.
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7. Releasing butterflies
By catching and releasing is to set it free to nature.  Alternative of spending whole day hunting Easter eggs, you may also catch and release some gorgeous butterflies in the open space.
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8. Playing Party Games
Organize a party games suitable for both parent and children in your household and invite your neighbour to be part of the games.  Likewise, games such as ‘Musical Chairs’ and ‘Blind Man Bluff’ is good for family bonding within family and friendship bonding with the neighbour.
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9. Catch a movie
It is always good to watch a wonderful movie with family on the weekend. I guess the most recent movie suitable for kids will be the ‘HOME’ movie. Do catch it this weekend!
10. Home Cooked Family Dinner
Having a delight home cooked dinner. Enjoy the laughter and share your life experience with kids over the dinner session.
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Last but not least, 
Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter Day! 
May your day decorated with love, peace and joys of spring! 
Cheers! ^.^